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The use of new effective tools can increase sales of the company, because it serves as a means of attracting and retaining customers. Clients make purchases from mobile devices daily, they are used to it. Provide your customers the personalized store and customer service that will increase your revenue by at least 30% in the first month.

We also note that the mobile application does not compete with the site, it is a different sales channel, more convenient and faster for the user.

You need:
1. Register;
2. Fill out the form - project settings.

The project settings are:
- Visualization of product category screens;
- Product lists;
- Button's color;
- Logo upload.

Next, you will need to select and pay for a tariff plan.
After that, our manager will contact you to clarify the data.
Wait a few days, and your application will appear in the App Store and GooglePlay.
While you are waiting for the publish of the apps, you can fill in products and data.

- CRM for filling application's data;
- iOS app;
- Android app;
- Technical support and free application updates.

You can configure all the parameters by yourself, you need to open the project settings.
If you have any questions, please contact our manager, we will definitely help you.
You will receive a link to demo access of your mobile application, before publishing in the AppStore and Google Play.
We are promptly preparing the application for release in the App Store and Google Play if you have no comments.
All this is included in the tariff.

Development, branding, preparation of the applications for release in the App Store and Google Play stores is carried out by our team.
All functionality available to you is included in the price of the tariff.

Our team will monitor the update of the mobile application, its design and functionality.
You will receive all new features and improvements free of charge as part of technical support.

After the end of the paid period, your application will continue to work for 1 month. At the end of the month, the application will be removed from the AppStore and GooglePlay. Your data will also be deleted and access restricted. To resume work, you will need to go through the entire procedure from scratch as a new user.

Please write to hello@b2ckit.com

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